Headlines in 2050,

“Earth’s climate has shown drastic changes in previous 20 days.” 

“Unstoppable rains in 20 countries for about a month.”

“Animal species are on a verge of extinction.”

“The temperature has risen up to 60 degrees.”

“Tsunami in 5 countries.”

This will be the horrifying picture of our Earth in the next few decades. The cruelty it has and is been subjected to by the way of litter, pollution, modernization, urbanization, industrialization, over population, deforestation and exploitation points towards a bleak future. Events like the Australian wildfires, melting of Antarctica can lead to deathly changes that might be of serious consequences to living beings.

And we can go on about what our textbooks have taught us about causes and effects of soil, water, air, noise and other pollution. However, if you are here reading this blog, we are considering that you are well-educated and well-versed with environmental speeches. But what are we actually doing for it other than spitting on roads, throwing waste out of windows or giving seminars on saving the environment? Is speaking, drawing or writing about it going to save the world “for our future generations’’? Do we have a contract with the nature to protect the current generation? Don’t we need a vibrant nature for us as well? Don’t we dream of long vacations in locations embedded in the greenery?

So, we the “FORENGERS” decided to start an initiative to actually practice what we preach and work towards a cleaner nature for us. The main motto behind the initiative is to “Protect the Environment.” We do this mainly through

  • Tree plantation Drives   
  • Cleanliness Drives
  • Paper Bag Making Initiative

One young enthusiast Neil Gokhale got together with some of his friends  in September 2019 at Kothrud, Pune. On the first drive, 6 saplings were planted by 4 members. And the journey of new initiatives began.

Today, we have extended across 3 locations in Pune including 300+ members.

  1. Kothrud Zone headed by Neil Gokhale
  2. Sahakarnagar Zone headed by Mihika Kulkarni  
  3. Hadapsar Zone headed by Audumbar Dravid

We conduct drives on every Sunday at 8.00 am. FORENGERS has well organized departments of Drive Coordination, Watering, Tools, Growth Record of Saplings, Tagging the Saplings, Social Networking , Communication, Marketing, Finances, Poster Designing and Photography all of which is managed by youngsters between the age of 16-25! Yes, we are a young adults group only! But older members contribute in terms of knowledge, experience and monetary help. Younger members enrolling are free to join any of these departments. We encourage VOLUNTARY PARTICIPATION of people our age. All the members in the team are supportive, enthusiastic and goal-oriented.

TEAM FORENGERS has planted 250+ saplings all across 3 zones within a time span of 6 months. The saplings are of 11 different species that include “KATESAVAR, BUCH, TAMAN, PIMPAL, VAD, KANCHAN, PANGARA, PALAS, KADUNIMB, BEHEDA and LAXMITARU”. GREEN SHEDS are used to cover these saplings and we use DRIP IRRIGATION method to water them by installing drips made from collected plastic bottles. The tags for numbering the saplings are also made by cutting waste plastic bottles.

Our Watering drives are held twice-thrice a week across all locations so that the saplings revive their texture and quality. Also their growth is recorded to get a brief idea regarding requirements of saplings.

While conducting the Cleanliness drives, all possible precautions are taken by members. Until now, we have collected 300+ kgs of garbage and 100+kgs of liquor bottles during cleanliness drives across all the 3 zones.

During this difficult time of lockdown, while the world has become passive, we continue to create a difference. We have made 1200+ newspaper bags and sanitary disposal paper envelopes at home. We will be distributing these free of cost, to shops and medical stores where an excessive amount of plastic is still being used.

As a support to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, we are trying to take our initiative to greater success. The team welcomes ideas from its members as no mission can be a success in absence of its members. We also have collaborations with “HOOPIN INDIA” and “LOGOUT WORLD”. We hope that our initiative inspires the young and old across the world to work towards environmental conservation.  These efforts need not always be on a large scale. As you can see, “FORENGERS” is getting closer to its vision by setting small goals. Even a little consciousness, a bit of conscience, a drop of concern, a pinch of confidence and a spoonful of action can make our environment a flavorsome and healthy cuisine! We hope to see a greater participation of the young generation with us in the upcoming years!

You can reach us on any of the following numbers for suggestions, participation or any kind of contribution!

  • Neil Gokhale – 8600324422
  • Mihika Kulkarni – 8308477730
  • Audumbar Dravid – 7841027034

You can also follow us on our instagram account – @forengers_

(Healthy criticism is welcome!)

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